Nano Board Manufactures and Issues

Has anyone had any problems with different manufactures of Arduino Nano boards? I have recently had some issues with the 3.3v and 5 volt regulators on the boards.



There was a Bad-FTDI USB interface hassle with Nanos a couple of years ago.

Now there are two USB interface choices: CH240 (take a different driver) which is cheap and Genuine FTDI which is more expensive.

My supplier, who also makes our RoboRED UNO-compatible in large volumes, makes this:

Their build quality has been excellent.

DISCLAIMER: Mentioned stuff from my own shop...

What is the best way to hook up a LCD back light requiring 3.3voolts? I have it hooked up to the Nano 3.3volts but read that it may only supply 50ma tops and the lcd backlight may be more than that.

Should I just use a current limiting resistor off of the 5 volts or my 9volts I have running some other circuit and the Nano?


No, use an external 3.3v regulator, something in the 1117 series is good. Be sure to use capacitors on input and output per datasheet (different regs have different requirements for the caps)

I did some current checks with the backlight it is 20ma, so well below what the 340g chip says is max of 50ma on the 3.3v line. So no reason to use an external regulator. Besides it is just a led backlight why use a regulator that has to be added on when you already have the 3.3v and a 5volt source?

I know I just answered my own question but sometimes I have on the forums you have to analyze the answers you get.