Nano board pins

Hi All, I have the nano board. I understand pins 02 an 03 are interrupt pins on this board. In between the two pins I have the letters LEO. Does anybody know what this means?

The name of the manufacturer?

This is the official Nano

My clone one looks very similar (though TX and RX leds seem to be swapped). Please take a photo of the area and post here.

Maybe your TX led is missing; LE could mean LED.

Hi, I think it means led. There is an led near this pin. I see on your photo a row of leds which I also have. The led at the other end of the row is numbered 3, the next 4. The next two are not numbered. It shows tx and rx against these 2 as in your picture.

Anyway I have used pinD3 as an interrupt and it works fine. So really no more problems. Thanks for the reply.

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