nano board

Hi I'm new to this arduino website. I just picked up 3 nanu boards and i'm trying to program one of them .i can copy files like blink from the library to the nano with no problem at all. But how do i copy a file from my harddrive H to my nano board. do i copy it to my library on my arduino upload if to my nano? If so how do you do it. Please i nead some help.


You copy and paste into the IDE.

Open Arduino IDE, new sketch. Then copy paste the code you have produced in whatever software in that new sketch. Then upload.

Arduino IDE can open only certain formats as sketches.

I do not know how to upload sketches directly into the board, without passing through the IDE.

For the libraries, those have a different way to go to the Arduino IDE - see tutorials about importing libraries in Arduino.

If you have a file H:\someSketch\someSketch.ino, just double-click it; it will open in the IDE.