Nano boot loader update

According to this link, the Nano has a new bootloader update, 1.16.21. So i follow the link to Board Manger, it says 1.6.21, but I update it anyway, after update, it still says 1.6.21. is this a sloppy put prt of the website to state 1.16.21 instead of 1.6.21?


it says you need version 1.16.21 or a newer one, 1.6.21 is newer, so no complaint.

If 1.16.21 is newer than 1.6.21 you or they have a strange numbering system, completely incompatible with mine.

@OP: I believe this is a typo on the web site.


Thanks for reporting this typo af1812!

I have submitted an issue report to Arduino: