nano clone not seen

im having issues with getting a nano clone to work. the computer doesnt even see it at all. i tried installing the drivers and nothing happens. if i tell it to uninstall the drivers it tells me theres no device installed. i have the ch341 chip. im running windows 7 64 bit.

Have you installed the CH340 drivers?

It's a file called CH341SER.exe - the installer is full of engrish, and doesn't inspire confidence, but works great.

yes i did. and thats where i tried to uninstall it and it said no device found. and tried to reinstall it and no change. i downloaded the driver from where i bought the board and other sites. no change.

I recommend trying a different USB cable, and also try a different USB port, and lastly try connecting it to a different computer and see what you get.

ive done all of that but a different pc. i know the port is good since it does program my other boards, mega and uno. cable should be ok though cause ive used it with my phone