Nano clone power blinks 8 times, then shuts off

Hi everyone,

I bought a few nano clones for a project. I downloaded the CH340 bootloader, plugged in the nano clone, and was able to upload my code. I then soldered the components for my project (a strip of 5 WS2812 LEDs) to the board (I know, but extensive Googling suggested this would be fine with a few on low power, and it worked fine with genuine Arduino nanos) and when I plugged it into a 5V wall adapter, nothing happened - no lights on the board, no lights on the LEDs, nothing.

So I plugged it back into the computer, and I got the red power LED blinking 8 times, then the board shuts down. No other response. I de-soldered the components, but got no change - the same thing happens, power LED blinks 8 times and then shuts down, no other response. When I plug the de-soldered board into the wall power, I get a solid red power light, followed a second later by a solid red TX light.

Any ideas as to how to fix this? I want to be able to upload new sketches as necessary and power a few LEDs from the board. I also can’t seem to find what eight blinks then nothing means. Thanks for any help!


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Then you will know what extra details to add such as the sketch and a schematic etc.

Here's my schematic before I de-soldered everything. I had figured since I had removed everything and the problem persisted, a schematic might not be useful.

The schematic was with a Trinket, but I used identical wiring on the Nano.

That does not look remotely like a NANO.
Although it appears to be wired correctly I am unsure what you are using for the board.

Suggest you add a link to the suppliers page ?

The power led is not supposed to blink. That it does that seems ti indicate (in my view) that your PC is trying to power the Nano, stops due to too much current being drawn, tries again etc till it finally gives up after the 8th attempt.

The chances are you are trying to take too much current from the nano , clones often have smaller regulators than the genuine version and easily over heat .
You may have damaged the regulator.

Generally you should not power devices for the nano , it’s not a power supply