nano communicate with ESP8266-01


i have seen there a many esp8266 threads and links, but they use it as standalone or i'm to stupid to make it communicate with an nano..

it dont care if i connect the esp to the arduino by tx/rx, two analog or digital pins.. as soon as i connect it, i dont get any com port for uploading or reading the serial monitor..

i use the 01 version like attached in the picture.


I dont wanna programm it using its two gpio pins, i just want to send and recieve simple data with wifi.

i connect the VCC to the nano 3.3v pin, and GND to GND.

But as soon as i connect the RX and TX pins anywhere the com port disappear... (or wont show up, depending if usb is pluged in before or after)

so can anyone maybe guide me to a tutorial or some documents (at best a example?) where i can read myself in or look how it works?

--- edit ----

Problem found... the chip was sold to me as esp8266 but its an NRF24L01 ....