Nano cooking...

I am going to cook a Nano first time, using Eagle files. I’m going to use toner transfer method and Ultraviolet exposure. Before this I’ve had success with 0.4mm pitch (Nokia 6100 connector) so no fear of fine pitches, but drilling 0.4mm is not possible for m (I think, not tried).

I opened the board in Eagle and decided to change all Vias one by one for at least 0.8mm drill. I don’t know how to command Eagle to do it and the needed adjustments automatically, is there such a command please? One problem in changing them is that if I choose a via of 08 drill and just copy on top of the original via, it just hide the via but won’t overwrite it. It won’t let me delete it and asks to go back to schema, but that won’t help me. I don’t know how to change the via simply! :frowning:

Also, there are some vias on this board and other boards that seems to connect no wire! If so, what is the purpose of them please? I upload a screen shot of this question.

Please guide me and also I appreciate a lot if you tell me any more best practices I need to know for home cooking a Nano :slight_smile:

quest.TIF (188 KB)