Nano crashes my MAC ... randomly

Good morning
I am working with either Uno or Nano boards.
Once out of five (let us say) the nano lets the IMAC crash and reboot. This happens with any sketch, even with an empty one. Sometimes it happens at connexion of the nano, other times after some time, some other times when I connect an attachment (sensor or an HC06/05 blueooth module).
This does not happen with the Uno.
Any idea why and could I do to avoid this ?
I must confess that the Nanos are from china, the cheap ones. Are they 'almost' compatible or is it some memory allocation issue which will happen with any Nano ?
Thanks a lot !

I remember something of this sort being caused by the driver for the CH340 USB-serial chip that's typical on the Chinese Nano clones. It happened when a new version of macOS was released that was not compatible with the driver. The manufacturer of the CH340 has since updated their driver to fix the issue so you could try the new driver:

Thanks for the info.
I’ll download and check.
Now, on a MAc is there a way to assign a driver to one item and the original driver to the rest ? I am afraid this chinese driver will impact all other USB peripherals, if I replace the standard one by this chinese driver …
My Os is 10.8, rather old but works fine for me.

That’s the official driver from the manufacturer of the chip. It is the standard one.