Nano doesn't connect to PC via serial USB from cold Boot (Win 10)

I would be tearing my hair out if I weren't already bald!

Running Win10 on an Intel Stick PC, (BOXSTK1AW32SC), developed a simple sketch on a Win7 machine and uploaded it fine. Runs well plugged into both machines.

The problem is that I NEED the stick PC to boot and connect to the nano to help configure it during startup.

But the nano is not detected from a cold boot. Cold boots are going to be a thing in the application I am developing for and as it is going to be installed over 1000km away, I can't just pop over to unplug and re plug the cable (which usually works) every morning.

I get 'Unknown USB device (Device descriptor request failed).

I have;

  • uninstalled and reinstalled many times.
  • uninstalled every USB item under USB controllers in device manager.
  • Manually installed all the various drivers I can find, from the nano-driver-repair-v3 to CDM v2.12.10 WHQL Certified
  • 2 different cables,
  • 2 different nanos
  • putting delays of 5 and 10 seconds in a batch file before it calls the program on the pc that looks at the serial port in case it just needed a little more time.

Rebooting doesn't fix it, the only thing that reliably sorts it out is unplugging and replugging the cable.
This is not an option.

My question is this;

a/ Why does it not recognize the nano when cold booting?

and of course - how do I sort this out?

I see many people have similar issues, but none quite the same. I have spent three days researching this online now and gotten nowhere.

Surely I'm not alone in this?

Any help or suggestions - or, God forbid - a workable solution, would be GREATLY appreciated.[/list]

I should add that when it is unplugged and replugged, it sorts itself out beautifully with an FTDI driver dated 9.3.2016

And it comes up as COM3

The Hardware ID is FTDIBUS\COMPORT&VID_0403&PID_6001

Which version of the Arduino IDE are you using?

After boot does the Nano show up in Device Manager?

Thanks for the quick response pert.

I am using 1.6.8 atm, but I have also tried 1.6.5 r5 and the latest nightly of 1.6.9

the nano shows up, but isn't recognised.

I just tried with Windows 7 and a "bricked"(PID set to 0000) counterfeit FTDI with the SmartTronik CDM 2.04.06 driver(to avoid the FTDI shenanigans) and I didn't have any problems after start up with the FTDI plugged in.

I'm still not sure if I understand exactly the issue you're having. Could you provide a clear set of steps to reproduce it?

My set up is quite a bit different from yours so I don't know I can be of much help but hopefully someone else will jump in.

One thing you could try is getting one of the clone Nanos with the CH340 instead of FTDI off eBay or Aliexpress and see if using the different USB chip would solve the issue.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Briefly, to reproduce, all I do is boot with the Arduino nano plugged into the usb cable.

It is never enumerated properly.

Unplugging and replugging the nano usually sorts it out, but I can fin no other way.

Restarting doesn't cause this issue, only cold booting.

It occurs on several nanos that I have tried, some fresh from the pack with only blionk on them and one I am developing on.

All the same issue.

It seems stupid that the things don't work from cold boot, and I can't do an THING about resetting the nano without pulling the power cable out that has any effect.

Can you boot and enumerate from cold?

SmartTronik CDM 2.04.06 driver?

I must investigate.


Can you boot and enumerate from cold?

Yes, I’ve never had that problem. I have a USB relay module with a genuine FTDI chip and the regular Windows driver permanently attached to my computer and I’d definitely notice if it had ever done that.

SmartTronik CDM 2.04.06 driver?

I’m not necessarily recommending it. I tried a bunch of different recommended fixes for my bricked counterfeit FTDIs and nothing worked until I found this dodgy driver from in Kosovo which got them all working so I’ve stuck with it but was a bit paranoid to use it.

I think I found the issue, and you'll like it.

The problem seems to be in the nano board layout.
There is a test pin that needs to be pulled to earth on the FT232RL chip, and it is left floating in the nano layout.

I found this post;

which mentioned it and gave links to the pinout for the chip and the circuit diagram for the nano board.

The bottom line is that pin 26 and 27 need a solder bridge between them.

I did one to test and it worked, so I tried it in another pc and it worked again, then I tried an unmodified one in both pcs and IT failed, then I modified it and it passed both times.

I'm calling this one solved I think.

Thank you for your support and suggestions.