Nano Every not recognized by Windows


I purchased a few copies of the Nano Every for a project. When I connect the Nano and my Windows computer via USB the computer does not recognize that anything has happened (i.e. no COM port appears in device manager). I have installed "megaAVR Boards" from the Boards Manager, which allows me to select Nano Every as the target device. The "Ports" icon in the "tools" menu is grayed out, however.

I tried to install the "mEDBG_Virtual_Com_Port.inf" file in the Arduino's drivers folder, as was suggested in an earlier thread in this forum, but that had no effect. I did restart my computer and tried different orders of connecting the device and opening the IDE. Since my computer is not recognizing a device at all, I am inclined to think this is a different problem from that described in the earlier thread. Earlier thread:

My version of the IDE is current, and the Nano itself is running the factory-programmed "blink" sketch successfully. I have tried two different USB cables, so I have no reason to believe that is the issue. Also, my Uno connected to the same USB port was instantly recognized and programmed.

Please let me know if anything isn't clear.

Thank you!

I was unlucky - both USB cables I tried turned out to be power only cables. The board worked immediately when I purchased a power and data version.

Thanks for the update.

This is a very common issue with the micro USB cables and almost always fixed by what you did. A lot of Micro USB cables are POWER ONLY When purchasing you always need to ensure it is both POWER AND DATA / SYNC.