NANO Every Pin Out Diagram(s)

In the Pin Out diagrams at " ", the legends for the diagrams do not indicate what the ~ (tilde) means for D3, D5, D6, D9 and D10.

Also, why is "RESET" on 2 pins ?
Seems to me one pin was wasted that could have been something more useful ???

In ArduinoLand a tilde against a pin number usually indicates that the pin is capable of PWM output

See analogWrite() - Arduino Reference

I agree that's an unfortunate omission. The ~ indicates the pins with PWM (analogWrite()) support.

The Nano Every is designed to be compatible with the classic Nano's pinout. The classic Nano had the reset pins there, so the Every must also.

As for why that was done on the Nano, there's an awesome explanation by Juraj here:

Pretty cool to think that the design lineage for the latest Arduino board goes all the way back to the boards that were such an important part of the history of this movement of making embedded systems accessible to everyone.

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