Nano every upload problem

I can't upload the code to nano every board.
The port is not visible on the IDE, although I am using a data cable.
I tested with UNO, it works.

Have you downloaded drivers? Check if they installed correctly

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What version IDE and what OS are you running.
A lot of Nano clones are loaded with the old bootloader, but that should not cause your problem.
Can you look on the Nano PCB and see if you can identify the USB IC, it could be a CH340.

If so this may help;

Or google arduino CH340 driver.

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Bear with me, looking into my crystal ball…

Please check the getting started section of the Nano Every. If you are still getting issues with the board do not hesitate to get in touch with Arduino Support team.

Getting started:

Hi !
Might be a firmware probblem. I had something similar. Maybe solution described here might help:

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