Nano Every USB cable source.

I am having trouble identifying and finding a source for a USB cable for the Nano Every. It appears to be a USB type A on the computer end and a Micro-A on the Every end. This is not an easy cable to find. What am I missing here. I don't want to order the common micro-B cable only to have to return it, the shape of the B type appears wrong.

It's not a micro A, it's a micro B. It's the most common USB cable there is. I'd be amazed if you don't already own one.

Thanks, I don't have one laying around but I'll purchase one and give it a try.

You're welcome.

One thing to watch out for when you buy a USB cable is there are some cables that only provide power, to use for charging phones. Those cables don't have the data lines connected. This can be very confusing because when you use an Arduino board with one of those cables you see the LED is on because it's getting power, but the board is not recognized by the computer because there is no data connection.

So I would avoid buying any cable that is advertised as "charging".