NANO IOT 33 Disconnecting after code upload

Hi, After uploading code to my IOT 33 via the cloud interface it keeps on connecting and disconnecting. Was showing connected whilst coding but now seems like it is cycling after the upload. Onboard LED remains illuminated through the cycles. The board has no connections on it except the micro USB connected to my laptop.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

Please have a look at the following post

Additionally, posting your code in code tags (Click </> above) would allows us to have a look at your code.

For debugging WiFi connecting I find Wireshark to be a very useful tool.

I use a laptop with Windows 10 and create a mobile Hotspot. Then I connect the Arduino WiFi to that, forcing all network traffic trough my laptop and allowing Wireshark to display it all. Because I only have one device connected to the hotspot I can also filter the traffic very easily from the traffic my laptop generates and receives from all other apps and sources.

Wireshark will show you all traffic, the different protocol layers, out and incoming messages ...

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Hi Klauss, thank you for the info but the board disconnects from the laptop via the USB cable, keeps on connecting and disconnecting. Not via WIFI.
Before uploading the sketch using the web editor it was not happening. I have seen this behavior now on three 33 IOT boards and I don't know how to fix.

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