Nano motor carrier/ engineering kit/ matlab issue


I bought an arduino engineering kit. I connected a DC motor to the nano carrier, the battery to the nano carrier, connected the nano to the computer just as they said. Then I executed the following commands in matlab:

a = arduino; carrier = motorCarrier(a); dcm = dcmotor(carrier, 'M1'); start(dcm); dcm.Speed = 0.5.

The commands just executed wtihout throwing any error, but the motor didn't rotate. I decided to check the motor so I connected it to the 3.7V battery and it worked well. Any help would be appreciated.

Read the first topic telling how to get the best from this forum.
Links to motors are missing.
Wiring diagram is missing.
Code is missing.
Usually helpers don't have crystal balls telling those things.

The code is present. It is a dc geared motor with encoders connected to the nano motor carrier and it is working fine when connected directly to the battery, so it seems that the motor is ok. I connected the power and ground to the M1+ and the M1-, respectively. The encoders' wires are connected to the four consecutive pins-Vcc, HA1, HB1, GND, though I don't think that has anything to do with the spinning of the motor-I connected just the power and ground to the battery and it worked.

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