Nano Motor Carrier - Lack of Info

I have bought Nano Motor Carrier alongside Nano 33 IoT and there is scarce information about the board, very basic and fundamental information are missing. There is not even a clue on mounting the Nano 33 over the board! you can mount it both ways. No information about using without battery. Just a schematic where you have to guess many things.

It is almost the same board than MKR Motor Carrier and there you have some documents describing the hardware. At least you can find the gerbers besides the schematic.
Can anyone at least give the name of screw connectors?
I understand it is possible to use without battery. Can anyone tell maximum voltage to supply?

Thank you

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Sounds familiar. The same applies to your post.

You complain about some module with poor documentation, and you want to solve the problem by giving a riddle to the world?

Come on, could you at least post a photo of the module in question? Both sides, please.

Post it! If there actually is a schematic, then that would be great.

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