Nano/Nano conrtol Via HC-05 & HC-06, input PB on one and output turnon LED other

So what I attempting to do is without using an Android device, is with a Nano connected to an HC-05 using it as a host, paired to another Nano connected to and HC-06 as a slave unit. I have gone through and set up the units to automatically connect upon power up. On the host unit using a simple PB to trigger an input either as a HIGH or 1 to send that via the Bluetooth module to the slave unit to turn on a LED. Everything I am finding you are using a Android device of some sort to act as a serial monitor. I am attempting to use them without that variable. Any Help will be greatly appreciated.

You need to send on/off commands from the master Arduino to the slave Arduino. You do this using serial the same as when using the serial monitor or a terminal app on and Android device.

I would suggest you look at Robin's serial basic post. Robin has a very nice recvWithStartEndMarkers() function which I use a lot.

You can also take a look at Arduino to Arduino by Bluetooth which, I believe, does exactly what you want.