nano not 33 & wifinina firmware updater

How do we update the firmware on the nano 33.

Isome functions in the library didn't work on the MKR1010 so I updated the firmware then they work
for example


how do we update the nano in a similar fashion

Which Arduino board are you using? There are multiple boards that have "Nano 33" in their name. It's extremely important for you to train yourself to be precise if you want to have any success with electronics, programming, or getting assistance here on the forum.

I believe there is only one nano iot 33
I despise spell check always changing what I type
You could be more open to what people write Maybe use a little intuition

here is the link to the product

there are not multiple boards with nano 33 iot unless you count header & headless as 2

The spell check on this forum page is wild. I cannot keep up.

So Arduino nano 33 IOT is the board I am talking about.
I was precise unfortunately spell check changed that.

I have had plenty of success with arduino and my projects so I must be doing some things right.

This should work on the nano 33 iot. It has the same ublox wifi nina module as the mkr1010.

Have you actually tried that.
this is my experience

1 open Tools/ firmware updater
2 select port of wifimodule
3 attempt to open Updater sketch. It does not open for Nano IOT 33 board
4 plug in MKR 1010 then it will open sketch if I select correct port
5 re plug in Nano33 IOT upload sketch
6 test connection get error message programmer not responding

I don’t think its actually the same WIFI setup as the MKR1010 they talk about ESP32 based in the write up.

Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 07.20.12.png

In the WiFi101/WiFiNINA firmware updater tool the "Open Updater sketch" fails for me too. But the sketch can be uploaded via the File | Examples menu. But I would not do this since it may downgrade the firmware.

On a Nano 33 IOT, installed WiFiNINA 1.4.0 library from github. Then upload File | Examples | WiFiNINA | Tools | CheckFirmwareVersion. There are unreleased changes in the library on github for the Nano 33 IOT.

The result is surprising since the installed firmware version is 1.2.3 but the CheckFirmwareVersion program thinks 1.2.1 is the latest. I would not do a firmware update since it may downgrade the firmware.

1.2.1 is the latest version on the MKR1010.

Nano 33 IOT

WiFiNINA firmware check.

Firmware version installed: 1.2.3
Latest firmware version available : 1.2.1

Check result: PASSED

If you are comfortable with building code from github, that might be your best bet. Or wait for official releases.

Can anyone suggest why the result of WiFi.status() would always be WL_NO_MODULE? I get this no matter what WiFiNINA example I run, including CheckFirmwareVersion.

I tried updating the firmware, since I can't communicate with the module. It appeared to flash successfully, but always fails the verification. Problem with the board?