Nano not recognised on ubuntu 14.04 after *some* reboots.

Hi all,
I have an Arduino nano v3.0 plugged into Ubuntu 14.04 (via USB obviously). I have noticed that sometimes after I reboot the PC, it doesn’t pick up the device. The device works when plugged into PC. Leaving it plugged in, I restart the machine. Thereafter Linux sometimes doesn’t seem to pick up the device. Say about 30% of the time.

The physical connection seems to be fine, as the led is on in this non connected state. Unplugging the device and plugging it in again seems to always wakeup the detection, and it works thereafter.

Here is a dmesg of the device not being picked up after boot.

Nano is connected via USB hub. lsusb -t output

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Any ideas would be appreciated.

It hardly seems like this is an Arduino problem.