Nano pico unresponsive

i just received new arduino nano RP2040 with headers. i plugged in to USB, and saw power LED on, flashing user LED, and cycling RGB LEDs. i then powered off and replugged in USB and double-tapped RESET button and got USB disk drive (under linux). i built an SDK blink sketch (from raspberry pi pico testing) and copied the uf2 file to the USB drive. Now all i have with USB power is power LED on, and I can NOT get the pico to respond to a double-tap after power on !?!!! There is no /dev/ttyACM0 and no USB drive ... any other recovery techniques?

jumper REC to GND and powering up restored the USB drive.
ref: Nano RP2040 Connect not showing as a device under ports - #6 by DarioPennisi1

Can you try it in Windows 10 with the newest Arduino IDE 2.0.0-beta.8 ?

I'm not getting a serial port in linux either (Ubuntu 21.04), but I do get one in Windows. I still have a lot of trouble: Can not upload to Raspberry Pi Pico
I have a "Raspberry Pi Pico" and not a "Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect".

I had the same issues. I re installed the driver

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