Nano pins vs mega pins

so i’m following a project where they use a nano for a useless box machine and unfortunately its in Spanish so i cant understand where the the schematic explanation but i was able to get a picture of the schema. i am trying to replicate the project on my Arduino mega but i dont know which pins on the nano are which pins on the mega. and im kinda afraid of doing it wrong and risking breaking my Arduino. if anyone has any advice/answers i am very interested. im also in a little time crunch since this is meant to be a present.

-thanks so much

here is a zoomed in screenshot


There are white numbers printed on the circuit board of the Mega to label the pin numbers.

Here are the equivalents (note the board in the wiring diagram you attached is a Pro Mini, not a Nano)

Pro Mini | Mega

RAW | Vin
VCC | 5V
5 | 5
9 | 9

thank you so much i really appretiate someone helping other out.
one last question, could i have the same setup as they do were the 9v powers the arduino and servo or do you recomend i use an external for both

Always use a separate power supply for a servo (4xAA pack works great), and don't forget to connect the grounds.

so i would conned the positive of the servo to the positive of the separate power supply and the ground to the arduino ground and servo ground while powering the arduino off a different 6-9v power supply?

Yes. Despite what many bad tutorials suggest, the Arduino 5V output was never intended to power motors or servos, and can be damaged if you try.

And if you have a good regulated 5 V power supply, that is what you use to power the Arduino via the "5V" pin, not "Vin" or the "barrel jack". :roll_eyes: