Nano & Pro Mini Component lists?

Iv ordered some Nano & Pro Mini PCBs for my first ventures into SMD, but am having trouble finding a component lists?

The Eagle files seem super vague on the components and "+5v regulator" no part number or package size, the 2 8pin packages on the underside of the Nano, and what size diode and LED packages??? :~

sometimes, users manuals are useful :wink:
page 4 :

Thank you, but I have the Nano V3 PCBs on order, not V2.3…and they don’t seem to list that, or the Arduino Pro Mini?

OK, probably they didn't find the time to make the nex list, but
this schematic
seems to give the references .
For the 5v regulator, it is clearly indicated UA78M05 (the same ref. than for V2.3)
For the component without references, as LEDs, they give some indications (colour) you can use to compare with the 2.3 list .....
If you compare the schematics, you'll see the differences . For example, they replace C2 & C10 capacitors (4,7uF 10V 10% Tantalum) with a single 10uF etc......

I didn't check for the pro-mini yet

And what are these?

I found a bigger photo here :

seem to be Resistor packs R1 R2 (RP1-RP2 on the schematic) , one is 680 Ohms, I'm not sure for the other, as it is marked "202" on the photo, but I see only 1k resistors pack on the schematic.

But, on your photo, they are the resistor packs : 1 pack 680 Ohms (mark = 681) and 1 pack 1k (mark = 102)

OK, so they are a 2K & 608R Resistor Array going by the 202 and 681

yep, I suppose the schematic is not up to date, and they are a 2k and a 680 Ohm resistor arrays

where do you see '608' and '801' ?