Nano project with wifi and sound, best approach?

Hi, I’m designing a led and sound project to be controlled over wifi. It needs to be small, so looking at using the Nano. The project needs to drive 16 leds, sd card reader/speaker and be controllable over wifi. Can anyone advice on the best choice… Should or can I even use the Nano 33 IoT, or should I choose another model with a wifi shield…Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks

Can you tell us in a bit mor detail what you want this project to do?

Sure, I want to provide light and sound to several (static) model aircraft, each hosting a Nano. I’d like to be able to control everything wirelessly from my PC or even phone, but just PC would do. I’d also like each to run off an onboard rechargeable battery. I have C# coding experience and somewhat rusty electronics knowledge. I have the lighting and audio prototype working ok on an Uno, but I’ll need the Nano, for it all to fit. Thanks.

Yes either will work. I recommend you implement it one step at a time. Don’t try and do it all at once before you test it.

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