Nano RP2040 Connect support of (old) Bluetooth SPP

Hello, I have just go my new RP2040 Arduino, and there are some documentation how to use Bluetooth BLE protocol to connect it with for example Android phone.
I have previously used separate Bluetooth module from Sparkfun, that connects with Arduino Nano Every via serial port, so in my sketch I am just reading and writing from/to serial. I have also Android app using Bluetooth SPP (serial point protocol). So my question is: does the new RP2040 board support the old classic Bluetooth SPP, so that I donĀ“t have to rewrite my sketch and Android app to support Bluetooth BLE ? How does the wifi/Bluetooth module communicate internally with MCU ?

It appears so. The Nina datasheets talk about Bluetooth EDR, which I understand is code for Bluetooth 2.1, i.e. "classic". Your real problem might be about how this goes in the Arduino world. If your documentation tells you how to use its BLE with Android, I imagine you would be better off sticking with that. At least you can be reasonably confident that it works.

Hello everyone,
the question was unfortunately not answered. How to use Bluetooth for serial data transmission with the RP2040 Connect (Bluetooth Classic)
The easiest way would be to use the Bluetooth module directly via RX and TX. But the internal ESP32 seems to be in the way.
The ESP library BluetoothSerial is not accepted when compiling.

A tip on how to use the Bluetooth Classic would be great.

Indeed I got no answer is classic Bluetooth supported,
so I started to convert my sketches to use BLE, but it is quite hard way. I am also little worried about the max distance, I think it is about 50m with BLE. With classic Bluetooth and Sparkfun (retired) Bluetooth modem the max distance was about 100m. Does anybody have more experience the max distance to connect from mobile phone to RP2040 ?

If you mean supported as in someone is going to help you and fix issues for you than the answer is NO.

There was a thread in the Arduino Nano 33 IoT sub forum about converting it to Bluetooth Classic. The general principle should be the same. The description seems detailed, and some users confirmed success.

Currently range for BLE is still limited (it is a design feature of low energy focus). With BLE Long Range this may change in the future. The question is, how useful is this for the general smartphone user. I believe there are some phones that already support it, but most BLE peripherals are used within a few meters of the user. BLE LR is an optional feature in BLE 5.x.

thanks Klaus, that was a good link. At least I realize that others have the same problem.
Unfortunately my skills are not good enough to set up a new library for Bluetooth Classic. I'm currently misusing the BLE to send the data. But it's not pretty - and as you said, it's not designed for that.
Maybe there will be a good brain in future, that understands the complexity with ESP32 and the Nina and implements the ESP32 BluetoothSerial library for the RP2040. Thanks again
Best regards Ralf

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