Nano RP2040 USB connector loose

Hi, I just uploaded my sketch to my new Nano RP2040 board.
After upload I tried to remove the USB cable from the connector, but the whole connector come away. Is there any way to upload sketches anymore ? Because the PCB connectors are very small and damaged, they cannot be soldered anymore. The board is full functional but new prog cannot be upgraded. Under the USB connector there seems to be 4 square connector pads. Can I solder new female USB connector there ? If so, how it should be wired ?
They are marked M2,M3,M5 and M6 in the PCB board documentation.
The quality of the Arduino RP2040 boards seems to poor (chinese quality ?), only 1 from my 3 boards is working now.

I believe you can use an SWD programmer to flash programs to it. The SWD connections are the small test points on the bottom of the board. The pinout is shown on the last page of the "Full Pinout" PDF you can download here:

It depends on whether the pads were lifted when the USB connector came off. You should be able to tell with a close visual examination.

It is a standard USB socket footprint, but you can find the schematic and board design files downloads at the link I shared above.

Please inquire about a replacement from the person you purchased the board from. If you bought it from the Arduino Store, contact them via this form:

Hello, thanks for your answers !
Using SWD pins might be possible, and would even enable the debugging of the programs, but this requires extra (expensive) hardware and installation & configuring debugging software. I think nobody has managed to do it using these RP2040 controllers. I could not find anything suitable in the net.
Manually soldering new connector to these 5 tiny connectors is impossible, because they are damaged. But looking at the PCB documentation, at least some of those 4 pads (under the USB connector) are connected to the 5 USB pads, so is it possible ? The relevant pins are d+ and d-, because GND and VCC could be connected to GND an VIN in the board ?
So, I made a complaint to Arduino, see what happens , but new boards seem not to be available right now.

Contact the seller/manufacturer. They have said they know it is a problem. They will need a picture of your device, a copy of your invoice, and the numbers off the end of the box your device came in. They will then replace your defective device.


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