Good Morning Everyone,

Looking for someone who could design a shield for me for Arduino nano. Need connect a rotary encoder RGB led, a 7 segment 4 bit display and a stepper driver TMC2208 drive on same board. Is anyone intrested in this project pls let me know than i can give more details. Right now individual components wired to mega2560 board but too messy the wiring

Are you wanting to pay someone to do this work for you? The reason I ask is because we have a "Gigs and Collaborations" forum section specifically for that. Some forum members who are willing to take paid jobs for a reasonable fee follow that section specifically. If so, we can request the moderators to move this thread to the appropriate forum section.

If you only want us to help you learn to design the shield yourself, there are likely people here willing to give advice for free if you provide the necessary information.

And if you have a schematic it would be a niche thing to post it :slight_smile:

Yes I'm willing to pay of course. I'm not able to do myself alone. I need someone pro who could design for me th pcb

OK, I requested the thread be moved to Gigs and Collaborations.

What's the budget? I can make you a KiCAD project that joe can upload on oshpark and get your pcbs - but would need the schematics first.

Hi there. What is kicad? No clue. Can you give me an e-mail adress where i can send more details of project.

Oh yeah budget. It depends. If i get the ready made pcb with components on it and preprogrammed i have 500 usd on this project. For schematic and pcb plan only 250usd

KiCAD: - basicly the same thing as eagle. I sent you a PM.

Reasonable budget. I built something similar recently, still have PCBs left.