NANO, simple change output Qa/Qb (toggle) while input change level high to low

Hi folks :slight_smile:

My little Arduino Nano is waiting for uploading a small sketch. I searched and searched for me crazy on the internet, without succeeding. Maybe because I use search terms that fail?

I searched for Sketch with such conditions:
-Nano, 1 input, "A". 2 outputs Qa / Qb.
-Trigger signal "A" input = normally HIGH.
-Star up, input "A" is HIGH. Qa / Qb = 0/1
-Trigger's signal entry "A" changes from HIGH to LOW (0 = GND), Qa / Qb = toggle.
-Trigger signal input "A" goes 0 to 1, Qa and Qb no change occurs.
-Input "A" again goes to LOW, Q outputs toggle.
this will continue.

In summary,

  1. trigger signal input A = high, Qa / Qb = 0/1
  2. Trigger signal A = LOW = 0, Qa / Qb = toggle (1/0)
  3. Trigger signal A goes to HIGH = 1, no switch Qa / Qb
    Trigger signal A, goes low = 0, toggle Qa / Qb (0/1) ... to continue

I know I have to define read / write pins, "who does what
I need to define start levels for write outputs, Qa / Qb, at level 0/1 for input
I must define the levels for input, for outputs, in addition, "what happens if
I have to decide the circuit breaker for the start, the continuation

The outputs are charged with about 60 mA each, and maybe I have to construct a transistor gain output?

Some Sketch like this i after search i do not found but somebody willing to help me please. Please feel free to visit URL solutions for similar procedures, I am forever grateful.

The Arduino can not supply 60mA with an output pin, you need a transistor or mosfet.

Start with this: