NANO Software fails on UNO chip

I have written an extensive (25k) program that works perfectly on the NANO I have made a new board with an ATMEGA328-PU dil version on it My new chip has the UNO bootloader (optiboot ??)

There are some basic functions (timers/leds/buttons) that all seem to work But I think it the ram that is screwed !

I am using Arduino IDE 1.0

Should I burn a new bootloader to the chip ? ( I need to buy an ISP device)

Thanks in advance

I have made a little more progress...

It seems that there is some kind of interrupt clash

I am using DMXSerial.h AND MsTimer2.h

they both work together fine on the NANO On my UNO board the program will crash if I use...

1) MsTimer2 AND DMXSerial together 2) MsTimer while trying to output Serial data (not using DMXSerial) 3) DMXSerial on its own !!

I have replicated a simple timer like this..

void loop() { if (millis() - lastMillis > 25) { lastMillis = millis(); timerFunctions(); } }

I know its not my code, becuase this works perfectly on the NANO, just fails on my UNO

Have I got a dodgy UNO ? Has something been programmed onto it to stop the timer interrupts working right ?


One last note..

If I write output my DMX by bit bashing the serial port as here > and just put a delay(20) after the serial output.. IT WORKS FINE

as soon as I introduce the millis() function, the data output stops !


there is a recent(ish) update on the site which sorts out a problem using DMXSerial with UNO’s
Also I update my IDE to 1.0.1 and all works fine now