Nano style 1284p Board

Can Arduino please make a Atmega 1284p based nano style board with 20 MHz clock and 32 kHz type clock crystal running a boot loader? Something that is totally officially supported in the IDE?

The 1284p is cheap and available from Microchip. Either a Ftdi, or other chip for usb or even a plain old serial header. I have AVR and JTAG programmers, but usb would be nice. And yes I have bought clones but none seem to work right in IDE.

I’m sure you would sell a boatload if price was good, plus one of few with 16k ram and runs 20 MHz.

Nothing fancy, maybe just on led to show activity.

Once again please? Please make one.


Why make one when the newer series NANO are well priced ?

There are a few Chinese based 128's too if you can find them. Usually they are called "mini pro" or "1284p development board"

No need for Arduino to reinvent the wheel there.

Crossroad’s “bobweeny” board?

Any “sanguino” board should work too, if anyone is still selling them...

I’m looking forward to avr128daXX based boards. Or actual data sheets, for that matter.
(128k flash, 16k ram, peripherals like a mega0, 28dip, 32,48,64 smt packages...)

The Arduino IDE supports the ATmega1284P very well, I use Mighty core.

I would be very surprised if Arduino would release such a 5V powered board these days, which would be needed for the ATmeag1284P to run at 20Mhz, so much stuff is 3.3V these days, using 5V is a step backward.

I made my own board that puts a ATmega1284P on a Pro Mini size replacement (3.3V 8Mhz of course) useful for when you want to upgrade a Pro Mini project.

If you think there is a 'bootload' of a market, design and sell one.