Nano to dim head unit

In my car I have a Android head unit with an orange wire to dim the screen brightness. I have connected an 5v photoresistor with relay (i have a 12vin spare too)to activate the wire when it gets dark.
The problem is when its sunset the relay turns on/off several time when its not completely dark.
My though is to connect a arduino nano (or digispark) to the relay so the digispark is powered on by the relay, and if possible code the nano/digispark to give signal to the orange wire with 10 seconds delay - is it possible to connect it to an pin and code with "high" or "low" or something? or do I need an relay more? The orange wire is an negative power.
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Let's see the code in CODE TAGS.

I am not good with word problems, can you post a simple schematic, not a frizzy picture. Include links to the technical information on each of the hardware items.

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It sounds like you need some hysteresis rather than a timer.

If say your light range is 0 to 100.
You get the dimmer to activate say below 50, but deactivate above 65 or so.

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You may add a hysteresis, as already mentioned, or add a low pass filter, thus means to make a averaging of the analog value.

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Thanks all - ill found another solution with some relays and a delayed relay board :slight_smile:

This might help;

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