Nano troubles


just got my nano today, plugged it in, installed drivers ok. Compiling and running was working fine.

Tried to connect an LED then it started to act funny, now the TX/RX either blink on/off or stay on for ages then go off and then L starts blinking furiously.

Getting USB device not recognised errors and can't reinstall the FTDI drivers (XP).

Now when I connect and look at the Properties for the USB device it comes up with PID_0000 and VID_0000.

Thinking maybe I've lost the bootloader somehow or fried the USB chip .... or I'm a n00b.

Any ideas?

Did you use a current limiting resistor in series whit the led?


I had a 1k in there but now I am just trying to get the nano to connect via usb with no extra components or leds plugged in

Thats strange. my advice is to contact Gravitech( I guess thats where you boughit...) and ask if they have had any simular issues...


Thanks Jonen,

have sent off an email, will see what happens.

Also noticed I'm only getting 2.5-2.8V from the 5V and RST pins....

wow the gravitech guys are great

looks like I blew the power diode - doh - still powers up fine from 9V though

thanks for the help Jon