Nano USB Power and Servo Motors - Too Much?

Hi all, a beginner here so just need some feedback / confirmation, I've been experimenting with a Nano and using the example sweep sketch to run a servo, purely as a quick test / learning exercise and I know that servos generally need their own power supply, so when I try to run the test using the nano's own 5V power supply I get the "bong bing" sound from Windows that the USB has disconnected - I assume this is just a result of trying to draw too much power through the Nano / USB? Not a problem as I can just use an alternative power supply but I just wondered why Windows is disconnecting the USB? Thanks

There is a resettable polyfuse on the USB power line to the Nano. This automatically cuts power to the Nano when it draws too much current from your computer. When the power is cut, the USB to TTL serial chip on the Nano that communicates with your computer loses power and so your computer can no longer recognize the Nano.

The polyfuse automatically resets after it has a little time to cool down.

Ok that’s a perfect answer, thanks Paul