Nano V3.0 (Make Fun) - Can't seem to connect in Windows 10

I'm new to arduino. I purchased a cheap set of Nano V3.0 off amazon.
Cant query board info in aduino ide. Cant see anything in device manager? Any thoughts what to debug?
Im sorry if this is spelled out in a faq that I couldnt find. A bit of help would be appreciated.

Make sure the USB cable is completely plugged into both the Arduino board and the PC.

You may have a damaged/defective or charge-only USB cable. Try a different cable.

Either of the above can result in the power connections being made (and thus LED lights on the board), but no data connections (and thus no port for the board).

What do they have for USB Serial interface chip?
Might want to install a known bootloader onto them also.


It may use the CH340 or CP2102 drivers which are NOT included in the IDE but are mentioned in one of the liks below.

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Figured it out.. I was connected. Needed to switch to old boot loader

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