Nano vs Mega analogWrite issue

Hi all! Forgive me if I’m in the wrong spot for this, but I’m very new to this!! I’m having a problem analogWriting with my Nano. I discovered this while doing a project using dimmable LEDs and a DC motor. If I write an analog value of 128-255, the pin gets full value. If I write a value of 0-127, the motor (or LED) turns completely off (like it’s rounding down to 0 or up to 1(255)). I uploaded the exact same program to my Mega board, and everything worked perfectly. The problem appears to be limited to my nano. I’ve even tried using the analog pins and digital pins on the Nano, and both exhibit the same problem.

Can't analogWrite to analogue-in pins, and only some of the digital pins are PWM capable.
Google "Arduino Nano PWM pins".

That did it!! I guess I assumed all pins had pwm because none are marked. Thank you for your patience! I'm very new to this and operating outside of my comfort zone!