Nano wifi and usb

Hi guys, need some help, busy with a project, and need some help.

I have a nano v3, and a wifi module(AT2401C) so far, what I hope to be able to do, is basically make a device wifi enabled that uses a usb port(this i might still need to get), so connect the nano onto wifi, and b3e able to connect to the usb port(on pc if you connect the device, it connects as a com port aand can send commands to the device).

I need some help in the right direction, and where to start.

Thanks in advance

Your description is confusing. Your PC is already connected to the internet and can also be connected to WIFI if you want. My laptop is connected to both at the same time.
When you connect the Nano to the PC, you are using the USB connection. What else are you trying to accomplish and how far are along with this project?

AT2401C is an antenna

ok let me try again, I have a device that works with usb, i want to connect the nano to that device, and connect the nano to wifi, then from my pc, be able to send the commands to it, without connecting that device to my pc with usb, basically want to make a wifi usb controller for that device.

Hope this beter explains it this is the wifi module i currently have

that is not WiFi module but a nRF24L01. it can only communicate over radio to other nRF24L01

Your /nano CANNOT perform as a USB host!!! No if's and's or but's. The reason is the USB interface processor would have to be reprogrammed and then you loose ALL connectivity to your PC for program download, serial print(), etc.
Furthermore, you would have to know the ID numbers for the manufacturer of your device and the product id number so you can pick the proper driver software for the host to be able to communicate. Your Arduino can perform NONE of those host requirements.

Sorry, time for a new project.

cool thanks, any idea what hardware i can use that would work, or would it just be better to rather look at using a pi?

If that will work, try it.

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