Nano with CH340/CH341 Serial Chip Causing Kernel Panic on MacOS Sierra

This is an FYI report in case anyone has suffered or is suffering this issue. I lost about four hours dealing with it and unrelated issues this evening.

The problem. Apple did an update at some point that caused "Arduino Nano" boards using the CH340/CH341 serial bus chipsets to cause a kernel panic when plugged into the USB port of a Mac running MacOS Sierra (possibly earlier versions as well).

Obviously this is inconvenient.

As people may not find the solution via Google (it took me a while), I thought I would post a link to someone who found the cure. If this is not appropriate, just delete this post.

In my case, I found I did not have to remove any files. There was no usb.kext or anything like that. Simply installing the driver linked in the blog did the trick.

If you buy the Nano from Amazon, chances are this is the chipset you get. I do hope this is a useful post.


The website did work for me, thank you!


Although the kernel panic has been fixed, can it be used on macOS 10.13 High Sierra as well? Or must the driver be updated to support the latest macOS version? I saw a paid CH340 driver that works with macOS 10.13, but obviously I don't want to spend 8 euros for a driver :confused: