nano with CH340G keeps giving me red

I run an HP laptop on Windows 10 64 bit. First, I let the computer automatically find the driver, and it recognized the USB driver as shown below in the first picture. The nano was giving red on PWR and flashing red on L. I downloaded a driver from the website everyone says works: CH341SER.EXE - 南京沁恒微电子股份有限公司
But, when I try to download it, even as administrator, the download window keeps replicating itself forever, with absolutely no progress.
I even looked at the zip folder here:
CH341SER.ZIP - 南京沁恒微电子股份有限公司
I went along and opened the zip file, went to CH341SER and then DRVSETUP64, but after I extract zip file stuff, I still get nothing shown in the second picture below. When I go through SETUP, I think I’m back at the first case where computer automatically found the driver (recognizes the driver but still red lights on nano) shown in the third picture below. Idk what to do unless red could ever mean good.

Red light blinking on a fresh nano is normal.

What makes you think there is a problem?

If there is an option, be sure to select nano (old bootloader), not just nano - the bootloader change just happened, and all the clones are still shipping with the old one (don't worry, the arduino team botched the fuses on new version, so the ones with new bootloader don't give you more flash space like they could have...)


Your first picture shows that the installation is correct. Blinking red LED is the blink sketch that is running.

The color of the leds may vary; not sure what the color is on an official nano, but the cheap chinese crap nanos that I've seen are all red.

So start coding and have fun. Just make sure that you have selected the indicated com port (COM6) in the IDE before you upload.