Nano works on desktop but not on laptop?

If I plug my nano into my desktop the IDE sees it and I can program correctly.
I have loaded the 1.8.13 version of the ide into my laptop and connected the nano using the same lead to one of the two usb ports, (they both work, I checked with the usb mouse I use.)
The computer gives the four musical notes if I plug the nano into either port and a light comes on on the nano.
If I pull down 'tools' the word 'port' is greyed out?
If I click on 'get board info' it tells me to select a port to obtain info?
If I go to device manager when I plug the lead in 'other devices' has USB2.0-Serial added to it.
If I right click on it I get a box telling me there are no drivers installed and there are no compatable drivers?
Can someone help?

[How to Install CH340 Drivers - SparkFun Learn](Driver and Instructions here)

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  1. Identify the type of serial chip be reading the markings on the black chip, usually on the back. CH340 is far and away the most common, but nanos based on the CP2102 are not unheardof, nor are ones based on likely counterfiet (But since they backed down during FTDIgate, more or less equivalent to the real thing - I can't imagine that whoever's counterfeiting it didn't do so by somehow laying their hands on a copy of the masks, so all FTDI could do was detect unknown/invalid unique id's and attack those when they were disabling clone adapters (which thy stopped and which Microsoft made clear to them had better not happen again. And I think I even saw a few more exotic ones over the years/
  2. Google the part number, your OS and version, and the word "drivers", and proceed from there.

Thank you missdrew, that did it.

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