Nano33IoT board not detected

I was using Arduino Nano33IoT Board perfectly well on Windows 10 and suddenly once when I was trying to setup my Arduino board, there were several notifications noise one after another and from that point onwards my board is not being detected at all by my PC.

I tired changing my USB cord and double pressed reset button but nothing works.

Is there any suggestion to solve this issue?

Is the noise as a result of wiring something to the Arduino Nano33IoT Board?
Is the noise from the Arduino Nano33IoT Board?

What is the status of the onboard LEDs when you double tap the reset button fast?

Hey, when I double-click the reset button there is no change in the onboard LED.

Actually no noise is coming from the board right now. Just before board stopped being detected there were several notifications sound from the PC the kind we get when we connect any USB or external device to the system.

No wires are connected to the board except the USB cable itself.

Carry out these basic steps:

  1. Do complete uninstall of the IDE ( ) and then install the latest version ( try both Arduino IDE 1.8.19 & Arduino IDE 2.0 RC).

  2. install the board’s package core,

  3. Use a good quality data USB cable to connect the board to the computer without anything connected or wired to the board. Do not use USB 3.0 port or USB hub.

  4. Make sure you select the board and the port it is connected to before uploading a sketch.

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