Nanode Gateway to read a text file stored on a website?

I am having some trouble finding examples of doing this using the EtherCard.h library.

Basically what I want to do is have my Nanode Gateway goto a url. For example: - This website is for sale! - urlhere Resources and Information.

And then put a value(s) into a variable.

For example, the value 1 is stored in the text file. The Gateway checks the file and finds the value and stores it.

Any examples out there of this being done?

What you're describing is a web client. The Ethernet library includes an example. The example only prints out the HTTP response. In your case you would need to read the response into a string buffer and then extract the file content from that. Reading the response into a string buffer is very similar to reading a message from the serial port into a string buffer and there are lots of examples of that. The part which will be unique to your project will be processing the string to locate the part containing the file content. You should be able to do that just by skipping the response header lines. This will be more obvious once you have run the example and seen what the response contains when you get the contents of the file.