Natural standard Rotary encoder library interface for arduino?

Hello there,

I'm looking for a good library or algorithm for rotary encoder interface(preferably that uses a single interrupt pin for software efficiency) that behaves like the everyday encoder in our electronics so far I've had bad experience with it as sometimes the different algorithms would jump numbers back an forth of every click it'd produce 4 pulses (sins there are 4 steps in each tick but math doesn't seems to handle it very well or efficient)

Any idea from experience?

Thanks for helping.

Never had any problems with the PJRC Encoder library.


Yes I found that to be the best and that was what I'm using but still having issues with it such as X4 pusle for every tick and it is not responsive can't figure out how to set one pin interrupt still tried to put :


But the code won't compile.

Any leads?

I'm awaiting some parts to do a hardware XOR experiment along the same lines. See this thread..