Hi there everybody

I have build a little robot myself. The main purpose of the robot is to bring me drinks. but for that i need to give the robot an idea of where it is in my room. I have looked around a lot on the internet but still can't figure out how i should do it. I have heard about a grid system(i am using a rover 5 platform with encoders), triangulation, wave front, roborealm VM navigator, and just a line follower but i don't want my floor coverd with stripes.

i want to give it 3 places to go to and avoid random things and things with a standard places like my bed, bureau, closet. The robot has an small pc onboard so it can use programs.

so if somebody could help me out with coming up with a good solution i would be very pleased.

Check out Steve Norris' BDS (Beverage Delivery System) to get an idea of what could be a possible solution for you.

The BDS process starts when a user requests an item using a simple remote control. Baxter is activated from his sleep mode and navigates to RoboFridge using a variety of navigation techniques. These include dead reckoning using encoders, IR beacons, and line following. Once he arrives Baxter will initiate a docking sequence with RoboFridge. After docking, RoboFridge deposits the canned beverage into Baxter’s cargo area. Baxter then undocks and navigates back to the thirsty user to deliver the beverage.

Thanks I saw his robot on Discovery Channel, a while ago i really liked that. although there arent a few examples that i can modify, i will try to make my own.