Naza V2 Flight-Controller Compatibility

Hello, I was wondering if the Naza-M V2 Flight Controller was compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560. I am building a quadcopter from scratch. I am trying to integrate the Arduino's ability to use Ultrasonic Modules for collision detection and the Naza's Flight-controller.

I was also wondering if there is someone I can contact in order to guide me to the right direction when building this quadcopter as I am fairly new to this.

Thank you

Do you have a link to some datasheet ?

Can you specify that? I'm a little new to this

There has been a bunch of work on the Naza, a proprietary and closed source, flight controller. I'm unsure if collision direction is one of them.

It looks like you'd be better off with something else.;wap2

Also, try They have a great forum with a beginner multirotors section. Then come here with programming questions.

If you can figure out the programming aspect for your project I can help you and guide you on the multirotor build.