NCT heated at constant temperature with PWM

I'm trying to build an anemometer having two NTC , one self-heated at constant temperature, 50 ° C above the air temperature, which is measured by the other . I plan heating it using PWM and a thyristor, but also need to measure the resistance of the same NTC at short intervals to know its temperature, and thus control the PWM I can not find a wiring diagram to facilitate me to perform these two functions in the NTC. I appreciate your help.

To measure the resistance you would use the thermistor as part of a voltage divider. To heat the thermistor you have to connect it between Power and Ground. I would connect one side of the thermistor to +5V and the other side to an analog input pin, a resistor to Ground and an NPN transistor to Ground. A digital pin controls the transistor.

As frequently as you feel the need:

     digitalWrite(digitalPin, LOW);  // or analogWrite(digitalPin, 0); so shut off the heating
     tempCount = analogRead(analogPin);  // To measure the temperature
     // calculate temperature from tempCount
    // Run the temperature through PID to get Output representing PWM value
    analogWrite(digitalPin, Output);

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I do not know if I understood well, so I put the diagram as understood
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