NDEF wrapper and parser

Dear all,

I am working with NFC, but not a standard shield for Arduino.
The communication with the chip is ok, but I wonder if there are some NDEF format wrapper and parser already developed for Arduino. I do not need anything about communications, only something to create my record in NDEF format.

Thanks in advance.


something like this?


I think that library could be ok with small modification even if it uses the PN532 shield for NFC. I saw it before and it requires some modification for my application.

However I would prefer something to simply manage the NDEF format. I would need something that at the end processing gives me a uint8_t pointer to the memory containing the data to write on NFC, in the proper NDEF format. And, of course, something that gives me the data from the pointer containing the data read from NFC.

I am using the chip RFIDB1 (RFID B1 embedded RFID module with UART - Eccel Technology Ltd) which has very low level function to write and read to memory.

Thanks again!

If you can give me futher help I would appreciate it!