NEAR-Fest 10/12-13/2007

The largest hamfest in the Northeastern US starts today int tomorrow. New England Amateur Radio Fest at the Deerfield (NH) Fairgrounds - about an hour from downtown Boston starts before mid-day today, Friday and runs until about 2 pm tomorrow, Saturday.

I will be there in Commercial Building #2, slot #31, with my whole line of Freeduino gear and K107 serial LCD controllers, displays, etc.

I will have my bootloader burner setup wth me and can burn any of the new bootloaders you want, no charge ... just come by and say hello

Cheers ... BBR

The Shoppe at Wulfden

It went well. NEAR-fest had a paid gate of nearly 2400 despite pretty hearsh weather on Friday. I sold about 30-40 Arduino platforms, that is kits based on either the BBB or the RBBA. It was about 50-50 between Arduino newbies and old hands.

I had posted that I would have my bootloader burner with me and available for use on several other lists and forums besides here. Six people showed up bearing various Arduino boards and got new bootloaders, most of them had NG boards they had bought from SparkFun and the rest had BBB's.

It was fun and there were several breaks where we got together and hacked some code and hardware.

I will be at the hamfest in Longueiul, near Montreal on October the 26th. I have reserved an extra table for "play space" ...

cheers ... BBR

I might very well attend, been wanting to go to a hamfest for ever! And I'm sure it could be nice to meet other Arduino users. The only issue is that it's the same day as Critical Mass ( We'll See.

Hope this will work :slight_smile: