NEC MobilePro 700 series Keyboard

I scavenged this keyboard from an old broken MobilePro. I can't find a datasheet and was wondering if anyone had any ideas how you could go about interfacing this with an arduino?

If you take it to pieces then you might find out more about it - i.e. how it is wired up internally, or who manufactured it, and if you're really lucky a model no. You could also see what chips it was connected to on the board you took it off, then see if you could connect your arduino to those chips instead (or if you found out how those chips interfaced with the keyboard then you may be able to do the same thing with your arduino).

Keep in mind that if you take it to pieces you might not be able to reassemble it again!

Alternatively I'd imagine you may have more success connecting your arduino to a "normal" PS/2 keyboard, for more see and