need 10k Motorized Potentiometer help.

I need help with controlling the 10k Motorized Potentiometers from sparkfun: There is not pinout diagrams which are easy to understand. I want to be able to control the direction of the motors depending on an input potentiometer (left and right). I cannot find any simple way of controlling them other than using a Two-Pole relay. I cannot find any schematics (diagrams) to help me. Any help would be great.

Typically you would use an H-bridge DC motor controller to drive the 10V motor forward and back. Connect the ends 0.5w 'servo' pot between Gnd and +5V and connect the wiper to an analog input pin for position feedback. That way you can re-position the slider to a remembered location.

A motor shield like this would let you control 2 pots.