Need a bit of help explaining the wifi connection on MKR1010 board

I have followed the project in the hub to get an LED to turn on and off via wifi of my mkr1010 board. This all works fine.
To get the wifi working I have to connect the mkrwifi1010 board to a pc and check the connection on the monitor .
I can then get the cloud up on another laptop and turn the led on and off via wifi.
My question is does the mkrwifi1010 board have to be connected to a pc to connect to the wifi.
I was hoping I could just power the board up via a 5v supply and for board to connect to the cloud automatically.
is there a way to do this??

I haven't played with the cloud stuff yet, so I don't know if that adds any complications that I'm not aware of. (You don't have to do anything on the laptop to tell it to go an connect, right?) Here's what I think the answer is though...

USB to the laptop is really just for power. The board itself has its own WiFi adapter (i.e., it's not using the laptop for that). You should be able to just power the board as you said and just go. You can use either a 5V power adapter to wall power or use a 3.7V LiPo battery.

FWIW, one thing I did do is set up a static DCHP entry for mt Arduino, so that it always gets the same IP addr. I don't know how the cloud stuff connects to the cloud. My guess is that it phones home first, so static IP may not make a difference. It helped me with my own little (non-cloud) projects internally though.

This is not what I am seeing. I seem to have to download the program to it each time . Go to monitor then see the connected instruction.I can then download the cloud on another pc and it works.
I f i just power the board up it doesn't connect, so I think I'm missing something